About Lucy


Lucy Brown REALTOR

As your Realtor, I will provide you with critical insight & data on the current market for real estate in the Pee Dee SC area.

I will:

  • Explain agency relationships and how representation works.
  • Explain how the commission is paid and distributed.
  • Outline the property-buying process and provide a timeline.
  • Provide you with resources for information about communities, schools, transportation and recreational facilities.
  • Assist you throughout the financing process.
  • Review the costs involved in the buying process.
  • Review all South Carolina Realtor Forms and documents: including contracts, disclosures, disclaimers and inspection reports.
  • In some instances, I may refer you to a real estate attorney for further clarification.
  • Provide guidance to assist you in the acquisition of your selected property, including the negotiation of all offers authorized by you.

outline of the purchase & buying process